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Posted by ruth on March 20, 19100 at 04:58:41:

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If you want to use a wooden mold you need to seal it with varnish and then use mold release wax - which you will be able to get with your resin. It comes in lots of different forms - there are spray on ones which are quick and easy but more expensive, and there are ones you put on with a cloth which you put on , leave for ten mins and then polish off. These are quite good if you are worried about leakage (the clear resin is very liquid and will escape given half a chance)as you can use it to fill any gaps between the mold pieces.

If you want blocks we would make a dismantleable box - depending on how big it is i often use plastic parcel tape to hold it together though you could make some sort of outer structure around it.

Another option is to make your box in a melamine covered board which does not need sealing and will give you a good surface to cast off - use wax as before.

You only want a very thin coat of wax as otherwise it will inhibit the resin make sure you polish it off so it does not feel tacky.

They will probabally come out now but if you want to be extra safe get some blue PVAL release agent and paint a thin layer on top of the wax (dont let it puddle). When dry this gives you a thin plastic layer on the mold surface as an added barrier.

The basic rule with resin (and all casting) is that you get what you cast from so the better and more polished your surface the smoother your cast so bear this in mind if you are using wood (ie go for MDF is you want it smooth or timber if you do not).

Hope this is useful


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