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Posted by bpfink on March 18, 19100 at 07:21:50:

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Ah yes, how we love to help those that help themselves as well.

But this is a case requiring "Tough Love".

I fully understand and share the comments of helping and still feeling used. Been there, done that, ignored many posts as well since these little posts regularly appear in the form of "haven't looked into this yet but how do I do this". As an ex college instructor I got a bit of practice helping others discover, but only if they really looked.

It can be like handing out the answers to the test questions when the questions have never even been comprehended yet... and they certainly won't be remembered or have meanings that could help.

Flying like an Eagle while with a bunch of Turkeys comes to mind.

We have a marvelous Search Engine here and these questions have been covered in so much detail that these folks come to the right place, but haven't put in the effort to open their eyes yet.

And it is not that we don't want to help, but we do have a life of our own and it has meaning beyond watching the game show reruns.

Please type in any subject word in this Search Engine and just see what it brings up. Try Ceramic Shell.

I helped develop the use of Ceramic Shell back in 1961-65 and did about 100 plus casts with it when I worked much smaller. I don't use it now at all but also have pushed the merits of it for forms that better work with it. There is a lot to cover here and it has been done so a whole book could be compiled with what has already been laid down.

Did I mention:

Signed your friend... but won't do your work if you won't help... bpfink

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