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Posted by joew on March 15, 19100 at 00:28:06:

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If for some reason they sent you a can or bottle of catalyst, instead of small plastic squeeze-bottle [from which one can easily squeeze a drop at a time] go to any auto parts store, etc, and buy a bottle of catalyst. As far as i know, there is only one catalyst formulation for polyester resin. The little bottle may contain one ounce or less and cost a buck or two. Visit the book isle, and take a peek at an auto body repair book. A chapter or two will be devoted to the basics of fiberglass repair, mixing polyester and epoxy resins, safety and comfort in working with these materials, etc. Were i you, i might try a book store or library also. Casting polyester is a popular art form, and you will quickly learn the all basics from other peoples experiences, freeing you to move on to the fun stuff.

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