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Posted by joew on March 13, 19100 at 04:28:08:

In Reply to: Re: ques re: casting aluminum in petrobond posted by Lyle Landstrom on March 12, 19100 at 19:45:29:

I saw an electron microscope photograph of a fractured piece of aluminum. The term 'dendritic' means tree-like, and the microscopic cyrstals do resemble a tree, with the base of the tree at the outer surface of the metal [first to cool] and extending inward toward the center with branches. Planar crystals are flat plates.

Many compounds do exhibit varied crystal structure depending on the rate of cooling , percentage of impurities, and other variables.

This is just about the extent of my knowledge on the subject, and maybe i've exceeded it.

The question of combined dendritic/planar crystal growth in pure aluminum is one for the dudes in the white coats at Lawrence Livermore lab, imo.

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