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Posted by Lyle Landstrom on March 12, 19100 at 19:45:29:

In Reply to: Re: ques re: casting aluminum in petrobond posted by joew on March 09, 19100 at 23:31:18:

Petrobond is used extensively for casting aluminum. I do about 95% of my aluminum in petrobond or other oil bonded sands.

What do you mean by crystal growth? The more silicon in aluminum, the larger crystals seem to be if that's what your talking about but they really shouldn't be noticable to the naked eye ina normal alloy. The 50/50 silicon aluminum alloy I use to add silicon to poor grade scrap has large crystals in it and is very crystalline.

I think silicon can only dissolve into aluminum to about 12% after that is sort of a supersaturated solution and you'll get silicon crystals.

I'm really not sure what kind of crystals your talking about.

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