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Posted by Iris Maitland on March 01, 19100 at 19:45:23:

Residency Program

Sculpting, Mold making, bronze casting

Buddhist Retreat Center � Northern California

beautiful rural country location


*Bronze Casting: including mold making, casting and finishing

*Construction (concrete, steel, bronze )

What we are planning has only been dreamed of until now. We are planning to build a 125 ft high temple with the walls and dome made of cast bronze. The bronze walls will preserve traditional forms of Indian and Tibetan Buddhist art for centuries to come. There will be four 35 foot high Buddhas cast into the walls, facing in the four directions. Smaller caste bronze figures will cover the entire outer and interior surfaces. Nothing like this has ever been built before and will be the greatest single exhibition of bronze art ever accomplished.

We are offering a residency program at our beautiful Buddhist Country Retreat Center located in rural northern California where we are setting up an on site foundry. The Odiyan Center has been under development for more than 20 years to create an environment for the preservation of Tibetan Buddhist texts, art, architecture and culture. Over 1100 acres provide an environment to experience creative challenging work and a sense of lasting accomplishment. Residents live in a comfortable courtyard complex surrounding the main temple. The food is healthy and carefully prepared. A small living stipend is provided. We are looking for people who have sculpting and/or casting experience to help set up the foundry and participate in all phases of the preparation, sculpting, mold making, casting and finishing work. We are able to offer training to qualified persons who are truly interested in helping. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who would like to develop unique casting skills and participate in a one of a kind historic bronze creation.

Contact: Iris Maitland, Odiyan Office 2425 Hillside Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704 Tel: 510-843-6771, Fax: 510-845-7540, email: irismaitland@MSN.com

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