How much does a Cupola Smoke?


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Posted by Rob Frink on February 16, 19100 at 19:30:59:

I would like to cast some machinery parts out of iron and I've been contemplating building a cupola. My problem is that I live in a suburban setting with quiet neihbors on both sides. They don't seem to mind the gentle roar of my gas fired crucible furnace but I don't think they will tolerate a black-smoke-billowing chimminey in my backyard. I spent days apologizing for an incident involving oil bonded cores that sent a cloud of stinky smoke into a family cook out.

My questions are: Does a cuploa put out much smoke/smell. Is some sort of scrubber or cyclone in order? I'll keep the cup under a carport when not in use then roll it out to a firing/ pouring area in the back yard.

I think I have a resource for coke fines from a local foundry. How much coke do I need,.... On a productive pouring weekend I can pour up to about 100 lbs of bronze so I'm guessing that 100 lbs of iron would be a good figure for fuel budgeting. The reason for this question is that I have limited space and the neighbors may frown on a train load of coal piled up in the front yard :>)

Any insight to my delimna is appreciated.

P.S. No! My loving wife won't move to a more rural home with a LARGER work shop.

Thank you in advance,


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