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Posted by Jesse Brennan on February 16, 19100 at 08:39:37:

I will have a ceramic shell mold made now and will hold it untill summer to cast in iron at the Herman Iron Pour. The mold will be finished and steam dewaxed now. Steam dewaxing eliminates most wax from the mold but does not get all of it all the time.

My question is should I hold the mold in an unfired condition or should I go ahead and and complete the dewaxing by firing the mold now? I could fire the mold as if it were to be cast in bronze and allow it to cool slowly. I understand that They wouldn't have good facilities for burn out and preheat at Herman so just a precast heat up there would be easier than a full burnout.

I also seem to have read somewhere that iron does not require as hot a shell mold as bronze.Can someone confirm this? As usual when you really want something you can't remember exactly where you saw it.


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