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Posted by bruce paul fink on February 01, 19100 at 08:06:12:

In Reply to: Re: Burnout furnace plans posted by Lyle Landstrom on January 31, 19100 at 19:58:43:

I've built many over the last 30 years with a variety of sizes and shapes for differing needs. Your question of how to build a burnout furnace is too vague for me since defining the needs and sizes are the first part of the solution. You probably already know the answer, but have not defined the question yet and that needs to be the real start of the most successful design.

Is the burnout for ceramic shell with a hot 1500 F flame and a bottom drain to get rid of the quick wax drop running for 15 minutes,

or for a 700 F (or such) slow multi day time soak for wax out of a plaster based investment?

What size molds are you going to be working with? There are worlds of difference between an efficient jewelry sized mold and that of several feet and hundreds of pounds.

And how will you handle and get the molds in and out,

and at what temperatures do you want them to be when they come out?

So I will refrain from trying to focus on solutions yet, but don't forget the possible other 'found' burnout furnaces. Such as finding a good steel cabinet shape at the dump and lining it for a firebrick interior...

OR getting a broken or worn and thrown-out huge crucible (walls get too thin for the heavy molten metals so the whole goes to the dump bin, check the local bigger foundries in your area, even got one about 2 ft in diameter for $10 from a dealer when it had a cracked bottom and I convinced him that it was not going to be used for the regular melting of metal).

Then wrap a simple ceramic insulating blanket around that and a sheet metal protective layer around that and you may be 80% done with an efficient lifetime unit. Roofs and floors are the easiest with quality insulating firebricks bonded with a metal banding strip, and then get your burner (also many kinds and types) and position it for your best needs.

There are plenty of books with plans out there also, and no sense reinventing the wheel unless this is some sort of personal goal.

Good luck and talking to yourself can often help.


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