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Posted by joew on January 27, 19100 at 22:50:21:

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I have yet to see a set of plans for a burnout oven. After a long search, I finally just built one to suit my needs.

Tell you what. If you provide more info, i bet these people will

help design one for you. Some questions that would need to be answered are:

Knowing the size of the oven is the most important thing. Are you planing on putting one or several 4" x 24" molds in there at once. If so, how many?

Do you weld?

Do you have natural gas available? propane? and/or 220 volt electrical power, with 220 outlets in a convenient place? [120 volts won't cut it for anything but a small oven, like about 1/2 cubic foot capacity.]

How much total do you want to spend on materials?

Can you spend around $600 for a temperature controller? or do you mind sitting there and manually turning the [electrical] power on and off for hours on end? Perhaps you are capable of building a simple temperature controller from scratch..

Gas could be adjusted to give a constant temperature. Safety features should be included in a gas oven... especially if you are burning out indoors in a home. The bricks and box are a piece of cake compared to electrical temperature control.

Will it be run indoors or out?

How long is this thing supposed to last, that is: how many burnouts do you need to get from it, before rebuilding it?

Lots of other questions could be asked but this is a start.

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