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Posted by Frank Egan on January 24, 19100 at 00:14:13:

In Reply to: Re: Casting thin??? posted by Lyle Landstrom on January 03, 19100 at 20:23:08:

Jack, Conceptually, I suppose, it is doable. I've seen some pretty thin works done and have observed mistakes in my own works both in sand and plaster that lead me to believe that, under the right conditions, it can be done. Consider the costs and time of experimentation. "They" say that silicon bronze can be heated to 2400 successfully without degradation. Knowing this, I would first disregard gravity feed and opt for centrifigal or vacuum casting into a mold that could be kept at the highest possible temp. All my work is done by gravity, so I can't lend any expertise in the aforementioned. Please let us know about your progress.


Frank Egan

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