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Posted by Ted Uran on December 02, 1998 at 21:19:54:

In Reply to: direct displacement sand casting posted by bill wolff on November 23, 1998 at 18:44:35:

I am Currently at Arizona State University, and we have done quite a bit of this since May. We start with an empty garbage can, piece of round duct, or drainage pipe. Any thing will work as long as it's metal. Just be sure to plug one end of the duct or pipe. Get some sand. We have used pit sand, but the cleaner the sand, the cleaner the casting. White styrofoam works, but blue insulation foam works better.

O.K. lets start

Make your pattern and gate out of foam.(keep ypur gate short)

Attach your gate. Hot glue is o.k., I prefer to melt it on with a hot knife.

Find a friend. It is helpful to have someone there to hold your pattern while you pour in the dry sand.

Get your flask.(can, pipe, etc...)

Set your flask on top of a broom stick. This will enable you to rock the can back and forth and hit the ground to compact the sand around your pattern.

While your friend holds your pattern, start filling the flask with sand and rock it.(that was not a Def Leapard reference!) Make sure the flask is tapping the ground.

When you have nearly reached the top of your gate, about an inch or twofrom the top, take a terra cotta flower pot (a 4" pot is pretty good) and chip out the bottom just enough to slide down over your gate.

Go ahead and fill it the rest of the way with sand.

Fill with your molten metal of choice and wait till cool.

Notes:You want to use a flask that will allow at least 3 inches of sand between your pattern and the flask to allow room for the gas to escape. We have done Iron, aluminum, and bronze this way with equal success. Try texturing blue foam with a soldering iron. Undercuts are very risky at best. Somtimes the cup will float up out of the sand towards the end of the pour. Iv'e heard a steel plate over the top will prevent that. Good luck, E-mail me with questions. Ted Uran, MFA candidate, ASU School of Art

P.S. We are having a big Iron pour this Februrary. The weather is real nice in AZ. Contact me if there is an interest.

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