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Posted by joewizard on January 11, 19100 at 13:44:10:

Does anyone know how to tell the difference between a type J and a type K thermocouple? I found a box of about 20 new ones, along with a bunch of thermistors type sensors, still in the bags.

Im most interested in one type. No company markings. 6 foot length, flexible SSteel shielding, welded/pipe thread stainless probes about 1/4 inch in diameter by various lengths. Bayonet plugs. Cut one apart, and found .021 full length solid wires with mica insulation.

A propane torch to the welded tips of the bare wire generated around 50 millivolts tops. My first guess was that a type J would melt or break, but that may not be so. The plan is to build a temperature controller for a furnace, +2000F. Not going to immerse the probe in the metal.

Chromel/alumel or iron/constantan.. no idea if they could be something else.. maybe a platinum or some other alloy?

Any tips would be appreciated.

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