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Posted by bpfink on January 07, 19100 at 08:13:58:

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Of course it is doable and often done, but I would guess you might be bucking both local social and national custom problems there and end up in the courts with major fines and possibly even imprisonment. And you would never get it out of the country anyhow. They did that to an acquaintance of ours for another very petty (to us) thing and then drained the stateside family dry of life savings for years (12 to be exact). Oddly enough, once the families gave up and had no more to send to help the lawyers there the courts released the kid and he now lives in Australia with vows to never travel that way again.

Their prisons are not as nice as ours.

It is a beautiful place though and just enjoy it and discovering any other inner beauties together.

If you still do plan to do it, do yourself first. This should test your sense of humor and that of others also.

PS. If doing yourself (and only yourself... for others it could be a capital offense)use Vicks instead of Vaseline. The end result may not be so embarrassing.

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