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Posted by joewizard on January 05, 19100 at 20:03:24:

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First phone call turned up some propellers. 20 pounds for $15.. i didnt object.. the scrap yard buys silicon bronze for 35 cents/lb, but im sure they wont sell it to me at that price, even if they had some.

Pleasure boats use aluminum and stainless now days. Larger vessels (24" -36" diameter and up) still use bronze because large stainless ones are hard to make. What i have is manganese bronze.. weakly magnetic (use a strong magnet and its real obvious) and reacts positively with silver nitrate test.

I suppose i could blend in a little silicon bronze to change the color to a more gold hue. Im assuming this may also improve resistance to tarnishing. Is it worth the trouble to mess with it? If so, how doen one identify silicon bronze? Is there some other metal or alloy i can blend in to get a golden color?

This stuff is beautiful, as is, but nows the time to make it better, if reasonably possible.

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