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Posted by joew on January 05, 19100 at 17:26:14:

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Regarding compounds in the previous recipe:

Magnesia is magnesium oxide, the white stuff thats left after magnesium burns. Sounds like one has to do a controlled burn of some magnesium compound, maybe magnesium carbonate, to get that stuff. ouch

Tartar (of commerce) is potassium tartrate, not so easy to make, but it can be done by completly neutralizing somewhere near a pound of cream of tartar in a solution of about 1/2 pound of potassium carbonate, and set it aside to crystalize.

Unslaked lime is calcium oxide, a component of some cements, like Portland. Calcine some chalk, perhaps. Maybe its available seperately. Who would stock such a thing is a mystery to me.

Sal-ammoniac is ammonium chloride.. i have a cube of brazing flux here.. only ingredient is ammonium cloride.

If there are any chemists out there that can correct any above mistatements, or provide sources or formulas or advice, please do.

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