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Posted by bpfink on January 03, 19100 at 07:30:55:

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I will be interested in seeing what others come up with on current bronze alloying. The Chinese for many hundreds of years had formulas that included mixes and melts and cools and cold blending that at times ranged into 20 plus times before the metal was finally cast into its last form. Very exceptional results sometimes, but I would guess that the failures were the ones not mentioned or carried on to our attentions.

For your purpose, and for just one or two pounds I would spend my time in a scrap yard and find the already mixed results.

The Magnesium bronze alloy that is often used for the base kick plates under commercial trafficked doors has a very light gold color, holds its shine exceptionally well, and tarnishes very little compared to others. Very strong and hard surfaced also. It would be my first choice.

There are also alloys under the class of White Bronze but the one I am familiar with just will not hold it's shine as well.

And aluminum bronze is also a fairly good choice but I never tried to make it from scratch so don't know the proportions or process.

Good luck and let us know your results. bpfink

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