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Posted by Ray Strand on November 24, 1998 at 23:38:27:

In Reply to: Re: direct displacement sand casting posted by Robert Oblon on November 23, 1998 at 19:15:57:

I've seen this lost foam technique used several years in a row, at

the Herman Iron Pour in West Central Minnesota (not far from the


The folks who used the method were from

the University of Iowa sculpture program. It was based on a

technique developed by industry (Saturn automobiles) to cast

aluminmum engine blocks. But, they used it for one off art in

cast iron.

The original is made in styrofoam (and any other materials that

would be consumed like styrofoam). It is placed in a metal

container and gently rocked, as dry sand is poured in around it.

The tricky part is pouring steadily, and continuously. Any

let up or slowness causes collapse of the sand and failure.

They poured some intricate and tall (3 feet (1 meter)) pieces,

but, I would recommend starting out small.

Best of luck...

from the Edge of the Prairie Abyss

Prairie Sky Design

Ray Strand

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