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Posted by John Griessen on December 31, 1999 at 11:45:49:

In Reply to: Re: How about a ceramic kiln for burnout? posted by bruce paul fink on December 30, 1999 at 19:29:03:

How do you make a stack afterburner? how much fuel and air

do you use to avoid it going out, yet not be a waste of fuel?

Does it need baffles for good mixing? Should it be a

funnel over the existing kiln stack to collect upward

flowing smoke without disturbing the gravity flow

balance of the kiln flue? A funnel

sounds even larger and unwieldy...

For a compact afterburner, how about a blower-burner

coming into a wider diameter flue section with air

entraining holes just below it, and lined with

fiber and wider al the way up

to a rain roof cap. Would the cyclone effect of that pull

from the center enough to entrai more air, mix well,

then burn burn burn along the fiber sides of the flue?

How about filling the center with a teardrop shape of

fiber so an annular ring is the up path?

if that was two feet tall, it would gravity draw, pull

from the center flue below, and present more fibeer

surface to burn against, and get more velocity at

the widest part of the teardrop

shape, right?


Austex, CO Sprgs

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