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Posted by joe wizard on December 23, 1999 at 17:05:16:

Does anyone have some practical experience wih Hydroperm? I bought 100 lbs at Leslie Ceramics, Berkley, Calif. (leslieceramics.com) and have just gotten around to playing with it. From what little I have found on the net, it seems that this plaster has a foaming agent in it, and my first experiments seem to confirm that. At a 1 to 1 ratio of water/plaster by weight, a couple minutes of mixing with a household batter mixer produces a nice uniform frothy cream. The stuff increases in volume to about twice original.

I am going to do a burnout today, and learn bit more, but I hate to have to reinvent the wheel, unless it's necessasary. First off, I'll try a gravity-aluminum pour.

It seems that variable permeability is also possible, by varying mixing time, (and/or ratio?)according to brief snippits of info on the net.

Having worked in a bronze art foundry many years back, where _eliminating_ bubbles, rather than producing them in a mold, was the objective, hydroperm has me stumped. United States Gypsum has thus far not returned e-mail or phone contacts. It's been a couple of weeks. The material bag doesn't have so much as a water/plaster ratio.

Any info will be appreciated.

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