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Posted by P.Hastings on December 23, 1999 at 15:20:59:

Hi Im going to be trying my hand at casting subas or japanese style sword guards. traditionally cast iron was used but I would like to do it with a lower carbon content. trying to get the toughness of steel and weldability! anyway I still need lots of detail. I would like to do this in a solid investment with a vaccuum casting setup. I need help in selecting the investment for this operation ? I have found some that says its for platinum/stainless but thats not quite the same as plain carbon steel. or is it ? Ive also found an investment for super alloys like cobalt and hastelloy and carbon steel but I have to buy 4000 lbs of it yuk!!!!! has anyone tried doing art type castings in steel for good detail is so please share type and sources any help is appreciated! 8) thanx!

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