Wanted: Source to Melt and Cast Meteoritic Iron


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Posted by Dan Fronefield on December 16, 1999 at 15:53:23:

I use iron meteorite in the custom knives I create. I have some really nasty iron meteorites that are rusty, and full of impurities, yet still at least 95% "solid". These iron meteorites are about 20% nickel, 80% iron with some silicates, graphite and other crud. I'm looking for someone to melt them down with a equal amount of simple steel, flux to remove the garbage and then cast them into simple ingots that will be about 10% nickel. From these "clean" ingots I can forge the meteorite into the damascus steel I make. The total amount of meteorite will be about 10kg (22lbs) so that the end result will be about 20 kg of ingots. Is there anyone who could do this for me (and at what cost), or point me to a foundry that could help? Thank you.

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