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Posted by Jack Davis on November 25, 1999 at 21:36:22:

For some time I have been toying with the idea of casting something as simple and thin a an oak leaf in bronze but haven't attempted it without at least the appropriate amount of confidence. I know it would be a simple experiment, but I'm just one who waits for the confidence, although it sometimes proves to be false hope. I have seen many leaves that have been cast in gold, but I can only guess of the proceedures. Is the model a leaf, a leaf dipped in thin hot wax, or a wax leaf? Would the bronze be cast horizontal or vertical? Would you use excessive sprues? Would the shell temp be high 1800+ or should it be less? Would you insulate the shell to hold the temp high for detail? Would you super heat the silicon bronze over 2000? I normally heat to around 1950 for larger castings. I have a jeweler friend who cast a large beetle, in investmest, using bronze and just the beetle. It came out remarkably well, showing all details, but I forgot to ask him if he sling casted it. I would like to try this with a leaf, a feather, a rose, which I feel would be very difficult. I realize that if I'm not using a wax model, that the burnout would have to be longer, but yet another question, how long? I realize that these questions are all relative, and also lean towards the boundries of standard bronze casting proceedures, but feel that some of you have have the experiences that will make my trials an immediate success. I only have gravity capabilities at this time. Thanks, Jack........

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