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Posted by Robert Oblon on November 19, 1998 at 12:15:51:

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Assuming that you have built the shell correctly and it is thick enough and completly dry, dewaxing can be done using a "flash method. The flash method involves haveing a burnout oven/kiln that can climb to at least 1200 F very fast. I bulit a burn out oven using two banks of forced air manifolds mixed with gas and a stainless steel grate bottom for the was to fall through onto a water cooled ramp to capture the wax. Put your shell(s) into the oven, with the pouring cup inverted and light the oven and turn on the blowers. The trick with water based ceramic shells is to get the wax moving quickly as its coefficient of expansion is happening right as the shell is going through quartz inversion. Once the shell has dewaxed it should be fired for about 20 minutes and then poured or cooled and stored for later use. If you have access to an autoclave for dewaxing that is another method using pressure and heat. The shell will then need to be fired after autoclaving so that it will complete the quartz inversion faze...Good luck.

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