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Posted by Rob Frink on November 20, 1999 at 11:50:04:

Being new to metal casting. I built a crucible furnace from a beer keg for a # 8 crucible. I've been playing around with aluminum for about a month and today I ventured into bronze. I poured ~ 20lbs of everdur and was quit pleased.

The next step is learning to create a warm golden brown patina on my work. I can phone Johnson Atelier and buy some stuff, but was looking for some thing "homebrew" and less expensive. I have no experience in patina-ing so any

advice will greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,


Posted by John Dach


One of the oldest patinas is liver of sulphur (there are many other names for this for this material). As a quick material, try some lime sulphur available at your local nurserey products supplier. Lime sulphur comes as broken up dry material that must be dissolved in water. Heating the mixture or the piece will make it work better.

There are many many materials used to color metals, bronze in particular.

There is a great book :

"Patinas for Silica Bronze" by Patrick Kipper. It is available from Bryant Labs

(510-526-3141) in Berkeley for $69.95. They will ship with a credit card. also has it for about $20.00 less.

Great book, good instructions and lots of color ideas. I think it is a must for anyone patinating bronzes. There are other books available, but to date this one for me is the best.

Best to you.


Posted by Jack Davis

John is right, liver of sulfer is probably the most widely used patina,one of the most stable and also one of the less expensive ones, but will leave a dark brown to black patina base. I have never use it, but the golden browns are usually attained with certain applications of ferric nitrate. There are stated

locations for chemicals way down towards the bottom of this bulletin board.

You can get some addresses there. I have a great patina for silicon bronze book that I just got from Rio Grande, and the colorations you speak of are shown in there.

Posted by Dan Caster

There is a lot of info on patinas as well as other topics in

the rec.crafts.metalworking FAQ. It is at


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