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Posted by Robert Oblon on November 06, 1999 at 14:29:00:

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First the scrap metal that you are using is just that, scrap. Once the ingot is melted it is oxidized and should only be uses at about 20% with new "virgin ingot". I've mixed Herculoy and Everdur at 2/1 Everdur to Herculoy for the added fluidity of Herculoy. The mix tig welds fine with Everdur rod and takes patina well also with less stress cracking than Everdur alone. When I was a student at Long Beach State in California, the foundry class always bought as much new "virgin" metal as we could afford. Years after I had set up my own foundry and was working out the bugs of the process, one of the things that made for "great" castings, was alway using at least 80% "virgin" metal. Everything being relative, new metal casting was and is the way to minimize casting surface imperfections. Just for the record, when I had my art foundry business, we poured about a ton of bronze a day, so I had thousands of oppertunities to experiment and many losses and tons ( no pun intended) of poor quality castings before we figured it all out. So the bottom line is , when your students can afford it, always "virgin metal", with as little scrap as possible.

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