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Posted by Sander Rosenberg on October 27, 1999 at 19:43:21:

To bpf... I will try to send you a couple of images to illustrate the problems I've been having.

I'm sending two images, one of a bone which basically came out (you can see the seam where I had sliced the foam in half to carve it out for the core).

The (larger) torso had pretty serious problems, as you can see. Do you know what might have caused that surface "texture"?

(Actually, I kind of like it in a way, but I DO want to be able to control it!). I made this by casting 2-part urethane foam in a rubber mold, slicing it in half longitudinally, scooping out the innards, gluing it together and filling the cavity with loose sand. Do you think the marks are from the metal pouring and eroding the sand, gas trying to escape, metal collapse, or....?

Sure appreciate your opinion. Also, do you know of any authoritative references about lost foam casting techniques?

Thanks again!




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