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Posted by bpfink on November 10, 1998 at 20:51:25:

In Reply to: Need info on small foundry setup posted by Mike Miller on November 10, 1998 at 20:03:11:

Mike Miller

University of Kansas

Is this your WHOLE architectural Dept? Sounds like 1990's tell me quick so it don't take me time... all over again...

Actually you will have to better describe the situation because when such a generic question appears... it sounds like just another student or department trying to get someone to do his homework for them. This is a world wide web and there are some really sharp cookies out here that probably have an answer to nearly anything but do they have the time to answer any question that might be posed in such an off handed way??? What's the specifics?

I recall that the U of Kansas is a sharp school... the core of the school art casting facilities Nationally and publicly started out there with one of the sculpture and foundry professors Eldon Teft. I attended an International Sculpture Conference there in 1960 and it was already an accomplished teaching foundry seminar. Ask sculptor Frank Gallo (U of Illinois ) who stole the show as he goosed a good friend and fellow speaker (U of Iowa) while slides were being shown on the screen and a dark, swift figure charged across the podium stage to avoid any further shock... But that is another college day story.

Anyhow... all I wanted to say was that there a lot of really sharp cookies here and not all of us have chocolate chips for memories so either check around the entire Artmetal site aa little more... use the very valuable Search and Find system, or be specific as we are all family and would like to help but also have lives to live and works to do ourselves.

This has been a

Personal Pubic Service Announcement

that nobody may have meant to have really called for.

But is freely offered anyhow.

And we really do want to help Mike, but that is a hell of a big question.

Now if you want to get into detailed specifics...

maybe we could really help.

Affectionately yours......

(does that pardon me?) bpfink

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