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Posted by bpfink on September 08, 1999 at 08:53:30:

In Reply to: Re: Newbie questions posted by John Odom on September 07, 1999 at 07:25:51:

I fully agree with John Odom here and please do some serious research on this before starting. I once counted 114 simple things done during the casting process that could make for a less than accurate casting. It was only a generic list based on already understanding the systems and put together for a college course I was teaching. Since you are also talking of building your whole foundry system I think your list could top several thousand.

It can be a real joy to watch the alchemy of metals become shapes and forms under your own controls and I hope you pursue the challenge but don't reinvent the whole wheel when you can flip a page or turn around and see what is already zipping past on the autobahn.

For starters: pewter, aluminum, copper and a furnace heated on coal capable of melting iron have little in direct common except they all could melt down.

The mold systems can be very different.

The metal sources can all be either cheap or expensive but knowing the alloys can make the difference between pouring a smooth cup of metal into a mold vs.

trying to stuff a hot consistency like cottage cheese down the sprue (The large curd size).

The fuels used can vary drastically in operation and control and permanency with simple adjustments vs.

a roaring inferno popping and belching off in the corner of the room.

And Portland cement is an absolute NO NO for a furnace refractory. A little like trying to boil water in a pan made of Jello and heated on a charcoal BBQ ???????????

But do take heart and read on both here on the lists and in any books etc. or web sites that you may discover.

Might even want to visit a foundry somewhere.

Good luck


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