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Posted by bpfink on August 26, 1999 at 06:58:39:

In Reply to: Youse guy's are the greatest posted by Mike Sabol on August 25, 1999 at 20:30:18:

Nice question about we western foundrymen...

Since the act of casting is ages old (also see)

and newer methods have only really come about in the last 100 years there is a lot to draw from.

Eastern methods used offer the same ranges of contrast with even more primitive systems contrasting with fully high tech and automated ends.

What works for each is often determined by the financial possible outlay (a hundred dollar vs. multi thousands), the quality control of finish and the amount of labor vs. dollars that can be put into any one item.

Since sculpture seldom is tied to mass production the more primitive or individual route is usually taken in favor of working out the molding system and perfecting the gating to start a run of a 100 or thousands of copies.

Watching and comparing these contrasts is one of the fascinations of the field.

Also contrast this to the also oft current 'sculptors' casting system done via sitting on the phone, sending out a photo or sketch concept to an outside contractor / producer and taking whatever he gets in return... or using the ancient village / community system of full hands on with the kiln being a clay over straw over stick covered tunnel in the side of a steep hill and a wood fired port at the base; along with the crucible being a segment of the earth hollowed out and tapped by poking a hole in the base to gravity feed the mold that is buried even deeper down the hill but not too far away that the metal could cool, etc..

Welcome to the group, enjoy the ride and from time to time you can also help peddle.


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