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Posted by bpfink on August 25, 1999 at 20:24:49:

In Reply to: aluminum casting posted by Michael Mandaville on June 02, 1999 at 00:14:04:

Just proceed with foresight and caution and try to take any developments that are not up to par and figure out why.

That was the system I used in 1960 as I started to try to cast bronze with absolutely no previous knowledge but the thought that if the cave men could do it and I couldn't figure that out, something was wrong with my advanced supposed IQ (especially since I had the advantages of dumps, alloyed ingots and scraps on the side of the road and a college education in design to boot).

I did fall short of goals in about 75% of the first years casting tries but that taught me what was not up to the norm of quality. Each effort was slowly dissected and the errors or non casts became the clues to a better trial way. (Hey, no problem as I was making my living as a fine art painter while trying to learn to cast bronze:-)

What I'm getting to, is that so many folks seem to think that the keys to success are cut and dried formulas... and those work also within the limits they define but the road via logic and trial and error are also able to inspire and conquer... and lead to directions that you may not even have planned for. I think that is called creativity by some.

So Good luck and let us know your results.


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