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Posted by Tom Kay on August 21, 1999 at 12:45:12:

I am interested in building aluminum parts for a quarter scale Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, and I'll need to use investment casting for a lot of the intricate parts. This is because I think I can cast thinner walls and sections using the investment method, which is important for things like hollow cylinder heads, etc. I've got the wood pattern (for making a wax pattern) for the crankcase pretty well finished. Quite a task, but it's fun work.

I'd rather use the Plaster of Paris shell because it's easier (I've heard) faster and cheaper. But I'd like to get the exact recipe if possible. Is sand mixed with it or sprinkled on after coating? Is it just good old plaster that we buy in a hardware store, crammed around the wax pattern?

Thanks for any help offered. I'll have a question later about the burn out process, but I'll start with this for now.

Cheers, Tom Kay, Ottawa Canada.

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