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Posted by bpfink on July 26, 1999 at 20:48:58:

In Reply to: Re: Topic:Autoclave principals for Dewaxing? posted by Robert Oblon on July 26, 1999 at 18:38:28:

Autoclave building...?

Here I missed the boat again as I only use the standard 2 - 2000 gallon modified oil tanks with a more conventional fire brick lined burnout kiln. No pressure there.

I agree with your post Robert on the dangers of making a very large autoclave system yourself but it brings to mind my septic tank.

Waaahhh you say?

Me steel septic tank is a 6 foot high x 48 inch diameter steel pressure cooker that was originally used for cooking chicken soup in a process plant and had not only the 1 inch thick walls, OSHA accepted welds, bulbous 1 inch thick steel lid and the 350 lb counter weight so you could lift off the lid (after it was unscrewed with those 1 inch thick bolts that lined the sides every 14 inches), but was still fairly new as it was from a place that went out of business. (Funny what you can come up with when least expected... just keep a mind open.)

And here I am melting out with a conventional home built oven.

Oh well. It was put to good use. (Not currently pressurized though. No need to scare our guests when they finally relax some at our country home.)

All said in the tone of "I can not imagine building a good safe autoclave myself either".

But no joke, all above is true.


PS. the counterweight is now on the edge of my present kiln so it can be lifted off the molds via an offset hoist. Room too small to lift from the center.

"All good things come to a better end... eventually>"

(who said that?)

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