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Posted by bob Mac McIlvaine on June 03, 1999 at 08:02:31:

Hi all,

I'm pondering a couple of things about casting.

First, I'm thinking about some sort of muller. Is tumbling action good enough for the home shop? Or, is a stirring or churning action really required? I read a post long ago where someone described a muller used in a school shop, that simply consisted of a bunch of round wire brush wheels turning in a vertical furnace duct and as the brushes were turned, the sand was poured in the top and collected from the bottom, ready to use.

Second, while re-reading the first few newsletters from B. Amon's Backyard Foundrymans Society, I see he makes use of numbered screens to do grain size testing. Is this screen size designation widely used, can one go to the local hardware store and get #20, #40, #60, etc. screen?


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