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Posted by bpfink on May 14, 1999 at 05:45:53:

In Reply to: URGENT!! residue on bronze!! posted by Wanda Ritt on May 14, 1999 at 03:17:59:

Not familiar with your particular chemical patina combination in use.

I wonder if that wax is the culprit. If the metal has any tooth to the surface it is possible to be holding just enough wax that has lost it's mineral base and become a whitish mix itself. Anyhow, you have to get that wax off.

You can strip it by flooding in a pan with either lacquer thinner and a stiff brush or acetone and... or even paint thinner but that one will take longer. If you don't have a catch pan that large put it on a metal or plastic sheet that is curved up on two sides and slanted to one direction to act as a tray so you can catch the runoff and reuse it over and over. You did not mention the sizes or volume so not sure what the real answer is. All of them should be done outside and no smoking or even excessive breathing as those thinners are not good to inhale.

Once the wax is off a good water wash with detergent can help get the metal back in workable ways.

Hope this helps. bpfink

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