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Posted by bruce paul fink on May 13, 1999 at 21:26:34:

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A really big subject.

I personally buy resins by the 55 gallon drum and do about

2 to 3 drums per year, and this is often just for my misc. casts and mother mold backups since I mostly cast in bronze for the final item.

No need to look on the bottom and see that the resin is cream colored though as you can mix dyes right in and make the whole body all the final color.

This means you can sand, grind, chip or work the form further and never see another change in the material body. Ages better outdoors also.

It will depend on what type resin you use but I generally use either powdered or lacquer based pigments for the coloring along with catalytically MEK activated polyester resins. Gets a

little technical here but once you have tried it your questions can be more specific.

They also make dyes especially for the resins... more costly but probably the best when starting.

You can also add your own fillers, like ground up marble sand ($7. per 80 lb. bag) etc. etc....

Many of my pieces are combinations of this marble / resin and some cast and fabricated bronzes together.

For an example of this check out this piece which is about 23 feet high with a combination of both cast bronze (eagle and parts of the uprights) and the resin bonded stone (most of all

the remaining). All coloring is mixed throughout. The stone seats are also the same material but with very little dye and mostly just pulverized marble sand as a filler. Also use both fiberglas fibers and cloths and stainless steel wire meshes and nylon cord for interior structural armatures.

Most ALL of it is done as a lost wax in mold thing though... except the wax is not lost, just used and then reclaimed.

If this is too remote, also check these out since they are already in accessible files.

First one is a green dyed marble (called resin bonded stone again since there is more marble in it than resin) that in this state is also resistant to acid rain and extremely durable.

Have been using this system since my first tries in 1957 when it was used as a sculpture base material for welded small sculptures. Years later I realized it was not showing any real aging outside and I decided to push it's limits further. The

resins of today are also much better than those back then. This piece was done as a 'still life companion piece' for a bronze '1930's Photographer' that was to stand about 15 feet in front

of it. The Photographer base is also done in the resin bonded stone.

I buy from many sources and by the drum can get very good prices.

There are a number of companies that produce the materials but my favorite for all around molding media is Polytek in Pennsylvania, USA. Does mail order as a normal state of business so no problem

getting their stuff for whatever needs you have. They are an older business and very reliable by both my experiences and those of others that have responded to this list.

They have a printed catalog that does much more than just say what they sell and I have recommended others get it for step by step instructions. They charge $10 for it but is well

worth it and very descriptive. They also send a newsletter which covers current more info. That catalog cost is refunded with a first order. You can also get ahold of them via the web so here are some site details and the copy from their new web page. Best to check it out in person with this url


Good luck.

Have good ventilation... but also have fun.



Polytek's Web Site!

Polytek is a leading producer of liquid rubbers and plastics for

molds and castings. By offering the most complete line of

moldmaking and casting materials available from any single

source, we can provide the proper products for almost any flexible molding or resin casting application.

Located in Easton,Pennsylvania with distributors worldwide, we supply molding and casting compounds to a diverse group of customers ranging from individual sculptors and artists, prototype developers and model makers, to high production manufacturers of architectural,ornamental, or complex cast parts made from resins, plasters and concrete. All benefit from Polytek's easy-to-use, high performance products and our

friendly technical support.

If you have a flexible molding and/or resin casting application,

please contact us by e-mail at,

fax 610-559-8626 or

phone 610-559-8620.

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