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Posted by Bill Roberts on October 12, 1998 at 08:40:21:

I have a question about a cupola that I've recently heard of. It's electrically powered. I was told that you can watch the sparks fly between the ingots and if your not wearing any metal on your hand or arm that you can stick your hand down near the ceramic crucible( which makes me me realize that this isn't a cupola) and not get burnt. If this isn't a cupola, what is it and how that heck does this thing work?

This info came to me because I'm in the middle of a restoration project that calls for some cast iron components. They are being done by a foundry that works in cast iron, bronze and aluminum. All melts are done in these electric "units", I'm told they are very fast also. They are about he size of trash cans or a little larger. I am very intriguied by the sound of this operation. Any insight?


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