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Posted by John Griessen on April 23, 1999 at 13:56:52:

In Reply to: Re: Refractory cement for small furnace posted by bpfink on February 06, 1999 at 21:05:01:

Hank Kaminsky mentioned something I had never heard of before,

so I found out more about it. Ciment fondu is made by LaFarge

Calcium Aluminates at (800) 524-08463. Their Representative

Pete Sanford (804) 550-0693 is sending me a sample. He

describes it as holding up to repeated heat cycles of 1400

deg F for a low cost available in VA OR IL AL TX AZ CA OK

and See the company's site at

Pete S. says it is used to bind vermiculite

and hadite to make light

weight fireplace "logs" that glow and radiate heat.

The Ciment fondu is the least expensive of a line of

refractory cements made by LaFarge in Virginia. The

technical manager at the plant in virginia says it will

stand service hotter than perlite, so is good for that

aggregate. To make your own furnace lining concrete, he

recommends a cement called CR-51

The kiln/furnace application is a plus after the good sounding

direct sculpting uses that Hank K mentioned. It may be less

expensive and better performing than USG no 1 casting plaster

for mold making with perlite and vermiculite aggregate like

I do. See later for my future discoveries in using it when the sample arriives.

John G

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