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Posted by Rob Frink on April 04, 1999 at 08:40:16:

In Reply to: Indigo or Burgandy bronze patinas? posted by James Miller on April 01, 1999 at 21:16:50:

Hello James,

I'm not an expert but I'll pass on o few things that I picked up.

1st, get a patina book, I think there are several but one that I'm familiar with is Patinas For Silicon Bronze by Patrick Kipper. Its about $50 from Amazon Books (online).

Refering to that book...

"antique burgandy":

use a ferric nitrate mixture (3 tablespoons to 8 oz. of h20) with 3 crystals of sodium thiosulfate.

prepare surface to at least 220 grit, then buff with a #96 Scotch-brite pad.

Heat surface evenly untill amber color appears ..then dab brush with ferric nitrate mixture to achieve a dark burgandy. Heat and reapply repeating untill the entire surface is coated.

Additionally, Continue heating and spray a strong mixture of cupric nitrate over surface untill the burgandy base is slightly blocked out by a light blue.

Let cool and lightly buff using very fine steel wool. Buff off the light blue to fully expose the burgandy under coat.

Seal with lacquer and a couple coats of wax.

Blue black:

Base color is easily done cold with liver of sulfur. Spray LOS mixture untill even dark grey. Rinse with water.

Heat suface slowly until color change begins. Rub surface to remove residues, leaving an even dark grey.

A blueish green hue can be added by spraying cupric nitrate onto the warm surface.

Buff to give depth and dimension.

Seal hot with Johnson's paste wax or let cool and lacquer.

James, there is really only a hand full of basic patina chemicals and the variations come from combinations of mixtures and heat. Kipper's book really clearifies things. Heat is the real key to changing the color of bronze.

I hope that I've helped, good luck with it.


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