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Posted by bruce paul fink on March 19, 1999 at 05:22:58:

In Reply to: sand blasting sand castings posted by Rob Frink on March 18, 1999 at 18:51:26:

Hard to say without seeing the work and viewing any alteration needs on the bronze castings, but don't totally eliminate other options. A good high powered water jet can do all that instead of blasting and not alter the surface at all. So if the sand or balls or peening is getting to be a negative just use water. Start by renting a unit for your trials, then if you like what happens buy one. I use a 2500 PSI @ 3 gallon / min. and it wisks away sand in seconds. Even that hard sticking stuff in the deep recesses. I also find that it bounces off interior walls to some effect and gets in places sand can not hit or the eye can not view. Also fabulous on removing cores. The tip for the unit is a rotating needle tip that will (according to the ad) increase the effect of the results by double? I would agree on the boosting effect as it sure does the job well.

When you want to remove the finer edge flashing approach that specifically and not to the whole sculpture in general. Anything that will remove that random edge flack will certainly also affect the surfaces of the whole. Check into hard wire power wheel brushes here. I use both the cup and the flat wheel on small 4" dia. hand grinders. That will also take the form surface to a tighter buff without any compound. Of course there is no substitue for fine sanding and wheel buffing but the faster alternative may find favor with you.

Good luck.


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