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Posted by Rob Frink on March 18, 1999 at 18:51:26:

All of my work is sand cast and I'm looking into a sand blast cabinet. My bronze castings are small...15lbs max but typically 3-5 lb figurines. They don't really have much intricate detail. I don't know how effective sandblasting is at deburring, chasing, and blending. Of course the type of media makes a difference...but what kind? Should I shot peen to pummmel down the edges...... or blast with sharp glass to cut away the edges? What grit media? Sand or alumna silicate?

I'm also in the process of learning to patinate and will be using liver of sulfur, ferric nitrate, and cupric nitrate...and I'm planning on patinating right after sand blasting/peening.

So I would like to make my sandblasting process compatable with the patina.

My goal is to reduce the amount of chasing/sanding/polishing. My castings sometimes have tiny needle-like burrs that may show up on a otherwise smooth surface that need to be smoothed....and of course the parting line between the cope and drag that usually gets belt sanded down and filed away, but needs to be blended and smoothed.

Anyway....I'm looking for guidance. I know I'm not the first person to sand blast/ peen thier castings :~)

Thanks in advance!


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