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Posted by John Dach on February 22, 1999 at 03:04:08:

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Also available from:

Bryant Labs

1101 5th

Berkeley, CA 94710


They sort of specalize in patination chemistries. Lots of chemicals, brushes, books and hand sprayers that have all plastic parts (spring too) so the chemicals don't eat the thinks up. They ship UPS, are helpful and have a catalog. I don't know if they are on the web, at least I havn't seen any ads, notices etc. about a web site.

Another potential supplier is:

Chemicals for Research and Industry

2928 Poplar

Oakland, CA ?????


No catalog. Lots of "surplus" materials, repackaged at great prices. Lots of lab equipment at good/great prices. Not on net to my knowledge. Lots of "non technical grade" chemistry so price is often better than other sources.

A stable form of "liver of sulpher" like chemical is poly sulphide plant spray, available at your local nursery/garden supplier. Might give it a try..

John DAch

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