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Posted by John Dach on February 10, 1999 at 22:31:49:

In Reply to: Re: Refractory cement for small furnace/ceramic fiber posted by Jack on February 09, 1999 at 07:29:36:


I found out about the fabric coating after I built and used the furnace for 4 years. As I am getting ready to build a bigger, more highly insulated and a bit more permenent furnace, I just never bothered to use the wash. Same holds true with the burnout kiln.

A. P. Green has a distribution/sales location in the San Francisco area, I get many of my refractories there. They are no longer "able to help" plan or develope a furnace as they have run into liability problems. In fact, it is difficult to get them to discuss the pros and cons of the different refractories and their use in these pieces of foundry equipment. Still a great source for materials.

Thanks for your info and thoughts.... ditto for others responding to this and other threads. They are ALL MOST appreciated.

John Dach

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