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Posted by Jack on February 09, 1999 at 07:29:36:

In Reply to: Re: Refractory cement for small furnace/ceramic fiber posted by John Dach on February 07, 1999 at 19:35:53:

John, I have read about your furnace of refr.blanket in at least 3 locations, over past days. I just wanted to share something with you that maybe you are or are not aware of. I was told that someone manfactures a coating that can be brush spread on the refr.wool to create a hardened shell liner when heated to high temp.. A friend of mine in the heat treating bus. told me about it, and I know he purchases a lot from A P Green Co.. If you are interested I will attempt to search out the source. He also told me about a patch material for cracks which works great for small repair in high wear areas on furnaces using refr. cement or firebrick...... The deal with the coating I was refering to first, is that it would elimitate the sluff off of the wool into the air and probably preserve your furnace from excessive wear, still leaving it lightweight.

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