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Posted by bpfink on September 27, 1998 at 07:49:15:

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I'd also recommend the liver of sulfur. Not every secretary or salesman will know what your talking about by that name though so ask for Potash Sulfurated. It comes in solid lumps and must be kept in an airtight container. Only disolve a small amount (in your case maybe a piece the size of a green pea) and in warm water. Since water itself may contain other components in your area??? it is best to be consistant in results by using distilled or bottled. One source for these chemicals is City Chemical Corporation; 132 West 22nd ST.; New York, NY 10011 but is also available at nearly any other chemical supply. In your case you need so little that it might be best to just ask a friend for a chunk. Friend available by requesting (try email to

The chemical works nearly instantly and best with a hot water (if no other heat is being applied). It will continue to keep darkening though so rinse when sufficient and let dry. An exact match will be tricky so after the spot is colored it may still be noticable. If you do a full surface seal and waxing the variations of mat to shinny will help pull together the whole consistant look.

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