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Posted by John Dach on February 07, 1999 at 19:35:53:

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Contact any ceramics supply house for the bricks or blanket. I have been using the blanket (2 layers, inside hight temp. outside lower temp{cheaper}) supported by 1/2" welded wire. "Pin" the fiber blanket to the wire using nicrome wire/temp clay insulating tube staples (6" x 1/4" with pencile lead hole through the length in the center, these are scored with a file and broken into 1.5 inch lengths, the nicrome wire 10-12" is strung thru the ceramic pieces and bent to a staple, and used as a staple to hold the blanket to the welded wire with the wire on the outside of the furnace). Make the lid in a similar fashion. Set all of this on fire brick bed with sand filling the cracks in the brick.

I have been using a furnace of this sort for 6 years melting 80lbs loads in about 45 min to 1 hour per load and will be rebuilding it this year. Small squirrel cage blower, 2" black iron pipe with 1/2" closed end gas nozzel thru hole in side of 2" pipe for the burner.

John Dach

One person can pick this unit up and walk off with it.

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