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Posted by John Dach on January 31, 1999 at 04:12:36:

In Reply to: Pyrometer posted by William Boyer on January 23, 1999 at 06:37:12:


I couldn't fine the info, it may have been lost when I had a disc crask a year ago or so. If it the one you are thinking of, it was a "sight" on non contact unit using a reversed binnocular unit, low voltage light bulb, reostate and a low voltage volt meter (the hardest part to find). A kiln ore some such with an ability of adjusting to a known series of temps., was used to calabrate the temp of the light bulb element to the known temp via the volt meter. Sounded like a great unit but I was never able to get a volt meter as accurate as required. Then I thought about using one of the cheaper ($40-50) electronic meters but I got and have remained too busy to experiment. If I come across the info I will post it.

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