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Posted by Robert Laurencelle on January 16, 1999 at 18:16:34:

If anyone interested, Routech International can metal coat any material including Sign Foam, with almost any metal for about $30.00 a square foot, which includes buffing. Metalized surfaces can be buffed, satin finished or oxidized with patinas. The process is a cold-spray, cold-cast method of applying a seven to fifteen thousandths of an inch layer of metal to any surface.

This is not a paint or paint product, but a real metal coating which is guaranteed for ten years outdoors. The metal coating will not support a flame and adheision strength of the metal coating averaged 1250 psi with a range of 1000-1600 psi.

The objective that was sought and achieved was to apply metal in a seamless manner to virtually any substrate. Designers often

called for metallic finishes on furniture, doors, sign plaques, etc.. In the past, the only options were hot casting, forging, covering with sheet metal or using bronzing powders in a lacquer coating. None of these options are financially or aesthetically viable. Some of the more common metal coatings offered are: brass, bronzes, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, iron rust, and nickel.

Interested parties may e-mail me for information.

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