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Posted by Robert Oblon on January 15, 1999 at 22:11:06:

In Reply to: Re: Burn-out kiln for ceramic shell posted by Cristin Millett on January 15, 1999 at 14:35:50:

My first burnout oven was very similar to Mr. Fink's oven. I bullt a frame around the 55 gallon drum with a pulley system mounted at the top of the angle iron frame and then a stainless steel grate at the bottom that held the shell molds. The grate was countered weighted with the pulley system and made it very easy to lift the grate and shells into the stationary 55 gallon drum also lined with kiln blanket from A.P. Green. To retreive the wax dropping out of the bottom of the oven, I fabracated a simple piece of plate angled so that the wax ran into a catch container. (If you run your molton wax through a water tray, you will have to remelt the wax to burn off all of the trapped water). Back to the burn out oven...go to a muffler shop and have them bend an exhaust pipe to form a manifold that will fit the outside perimeter of the 55 gal. drum. You need to have this manifold made as a "U" shape with both ends open. Then fabracate 6-8 inlets from the manifold into the bottom of the drum, just about where the grate will stop, use 1" tubing and cut and weld or braze the metal tubing onto the manifold and into the bottom of the drum. At both open ends of the manifold attach a squirrel cage blowere (WW Grainger) and of coarse a gas line hookup...Natural or propane. The top of the drum will have a hole cut into it for venting and lined also with the thermal blanket....

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