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Posted by Robert Oblon on January 13, 1999 at 21:24:28:

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There use to be a company in Los Angeles by the name of Jiffy. Jiffy manufactured all types of mixing systems, one of which was a belt driven/shaft/impellar setup, that mounted on top of a mixer barrel or support. Check with your foundry suppy to see if they offer some type of mixing system.

I ended up having two mixers made by one of my employees utilizing a turn table base with angle iron frame and a gear reducer (approx. 30 r.p.m.) and 1/2 or 3/4 h.p. 220v. motor. The turntable mixer has vertical angle iron supports at the rear to allow for a hanger of some design. We fabracated a swing arm that we could move in or our of position so as to not be in the way when dipping large shells.

I made of series of silicone rubber mold for pour cups so that we could imbed a galanized 3/4" plumbing tee into the cooling wax as part of our support system. Once the wax pour cup was attached to the gating system we placed a 3/4" gal. nipple 6-8" long with another 3/4" tee welded onto the other end. They work great. When we burnout the shells, the nipple/tee combo is unthreaded from the imbedded tee. After burn-out we get the tee's out of the burnout oven and go again.

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